Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


The card center image is digital art  made in PSE from various images downloaded over the years, mostly dover publications and nancy baumiller. did not have funds to print copies or buy stamps.

celebrating this year with Jess, in Boise Idaho, for just the day.

Hope you all have a great day!

About briedah

there is a tendency to list accomplishments and other meaningless demographics here...I am not that ambitious or organized but feel compelled to create art as a way to cope with my physical pain, loneliness and anxiety. i am delightfully candid about my past exploits but currently struggle with my powerlessness over a life long addiction to sugar. these new pages with focus on change, behavior triggers, dreams and reactions to life stressors shall help me voice my pain and frustration. the next six months i will try to un-do some of the insanity that has caused me to neglect my health and my december 2011 i am scheduled for bariatric surgery, a procedure that will be a tool to help me lose 100 pounds. the quick fix is no longer an option.

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